Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Wisdom showing wit alone
is worthless to this world.
This wisdom must be fed and grown
in order to unfurl.
For Steven, Albert, Thomas
did not sit idly.
They tried and asked and then alas
became what we now see.
Intellect requires knowledge
which from experience comes.
And all who try will gain an edge
o'er the foolish and the dumb.
“Be not afraid,” parents often say
to children in their youth.
While they're young they should be made
to be (moderately) uncouth.
So try and live and always give
the best you poss'bly may,
For those who die and never live
do their own selves betray.
Hawking, Einstein, Edison
would disapprove inaction.
Their effort, brain, and a bit of fun
Has formed their tiny faction.
Once again reiterating
for wisdom's sake and yours,
All these things are intertwined
Lack one and all are lost.

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